Getting Started is Easy

When you're ready to build a ParaWorld Platform application, just add the Developer Application to your program directory. Launch the Developer Application from within the ParaWorld environment.Then download the client library of your choice, open your favorite development environment, and you're ready to go.

Learn More

After you've added the Developer Application and downloaded a client library, use these resources to learn more about building a ParaWorld application.


The ParaEngine Platform can be used to develop programs from stand-alone PC applications to full-fledged online games. ParaWorld is the official 3D social platform for both entertainment and application development. A standard Web3D application involves both client and server side programming. However, a minimum application in ParaWorld requires NO programming at all.

Scripting Language (NPL)

NPL is our proprietory scripting language for client side programming. It is a full fledged and easy to learn programming language. Developers use it to create UI, logics, networking and 3D scenes in their application.

Web Service (ParaWorldAPI)

ParaWorldAPI is an evolving collection of web service or REST interface. You can add social context to your application by calling these API to access user profile, friend, photo, map, and many other official application interface.

Markup (MCML)

Micro Cosmos Markup Language (MCML) enables you to build all or part of your applications by simply describing them in a markup language similar to HTML. You can hook into several ParaWorld integration points, including the profile, menu, startup screen, mainbar and action feed.

Useful Resources

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