NPL Questions and Answers

This document is not a traditional FAQ, but rather a quick guide showing you what to do when you run into problems with the NPL.

"Why can't I ...? Why won't ... work?" What to do in case of problems

If you are having trouble with your ParaEngine or NPL software, you should take the following steps:

  • ALERT! Check the Log!
NPL tries to be helpful when it encounters a problem. In many cases, it will provide some details by writing one or more messages to the log file. Sometimes this is enough for you to diagnose and fix the problem yourself (such as compilation and runtime errors or the like). The default location of the error log is SDKRootDir/log.txt. If you end up in any of the support forums this is quite likely to be the first place they will ask you retrieve information from. Please ensure you know where to find your error log.

  • ALERT! Consult the wiki
The Wiki site contains guides to solving many common problems.

  • ALERT! Ask in a user support forum:
NPL has a growing community of developers who are willing to share their knowledge. Participating in this community is usually the best and fastest way to get answers to your questions and problems.

  • ALERT! Please use the Bugs !
If your problem involves the exe crashing and generating a core dump, please send us the dump file to us (if possible). The dump file is located at SDKRootDir/ParaEngineXXXXXX.dump

Whom do I contact for support?

With few developers, we cannot provide personal support for NPL at the moment. For free support, we suggest participating in a user forum (see above).
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